Shil Documentation

Getting Started

A step-by-step Guide to become a Shiller!
Firstly, go to Then, Join now!
Click that Join now button, you know you want to!
You'll be brought to this screen which is where you'll set up your account with either Twitter or Discord.
Which do you use as your main hub for NFTs? This is the ideal account to use to sign up with.
Next, you'll need to connect your Ethereum or Solana wallet and sign a transaction. Alternatively, you can use Opensea to verify your wallet without connecting to Shil.
Verifying with your Wallet:
Make sure you are on the official - that's with one L. This is important so you are not signing any potentially malicious or subversive transactions.
Choose whichever wallet is has your NFTs
Once you've chosen, you'll simply need to sign it. Make sure it's in your wallet.
Triple check that website!
Verifying with Opensea:
Instead of connecting with a wallet, choose the (no-sign) option.
Instead of connecting with a wallet, choose the (no-sign) option
Input your Wallets public address
Input your Wallets public address and hit enter. You'll be given a code. To use this code, copy and paste it into your Bio on Opensea- see below.
You'll find your Bio in the Settings section of
From the Opensea main page, click on your PFP on the right-hand side. Scroll down to settings, and click on it. Here you'll find your Profile Details page.
Now, paste the code from the prior step into your Opensea bio and save changes.
Then, return to Shil and press done!
Once you've hit done after changing your Opensea Bio, Shil will take you to the Studio!
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