Shil Documentation


The usual questions people ask us!
Q: Is it safe to connect my wallet?
A: Yes! For, “connecting” to the wallet only means that we copy over the user’s public address from their non-custodial (browser) wallet. The users then sign a message that says “I’m signing up to with my wallet 0x——————” with their MetaMask to verify they are who they are, and that’s it. No access to private addresses, seed phrases or assets — the only monkey business you’ll find on is BAYC.
Q: I have an NFT on X blockchain, will you add it?
A: We have plans to incorporate more blockchains with our platform, it will take time but if there's enough demand then we'll add your favorite blockchain.
Q: Do you have a collection or token to invest in?
A: Not as of yet, though keep your eyes peeled for our genesis collection.