Shil Documentation

Genesis Collection

This is a 777 supply drop which shall act as special PFPs with in-app utility and the ability to change over time!
The Genesis collection is going to enable a premium level of interaction with Shil to holders. This will encourage both collectors value and in-App utility as value propositions for holding the collection.
It is our aim to provide a way for the community to participate in our project's success and the Genesis collection will allow that to happen. Each mint in the collection will be usable as a special PFP in Shil, and shall morph over time as you engage with the Shil platform.
Holders can expect to receive collectible airdrops in the form of Shil backgrounds and art-centric rewards. Additionally, holders will be entered into Raffles for specialized prizes along with being rewarded with Alpha and Beta access to team developments long before they reach the public.
Funds from the Genesis mint will be used for on-chain rewards for early users, rewarding and incentivizing community action, and as Seed funding for selected projects.
Last modified 1yr ago