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K is a lightweight, customizable, link-in-bio solution for displaying your NFTs.
Shil is the place for verifying and promoting your favorite projects beautifully. It’s our goal to create a network of users to interact directly with digital assets safely and seamlessly.
What you're seeing below is the Shil Studio and is where you'll reach once you've set up an account!
At, we’re deeply passionate about a Web3 future, and we believe that the ownership-compliant economies of Web3 will introduce innovative and revolutionary use cases, business models, and transaction mechanisms for decades to come.
A Shil room with a detailed overlay of an NFT.


  • 🌊 OpenSea integration.
    • All of your NFTs instantly updated from your wallet for you to display.
    • Place offers and bids directly on your page
  • ✔️ Instant verification.
    All items on display are instantly verified so there's no monkey business other than BAYC.
  • 🐦 Twitter integration.
    Update your bio, profile photo and banner directly from within to take your shilling to the next level.
  • 🎨 Fully customizable.
    Add ✨ flair ✨ to your shilling with customizable frames, backgrounds, matting, and much more.
  • 💻 Figma-like mechanics.
    Intuitive design controls like drag-and-drop, resize and snap-to-grid to make your customization easier.
  • 🎴 In-app purchases as NFTs.
    Buy new frames, colors and other features as NFTs for use as elite backgrounds and custom frames.
  • 🌈 No-code Twitter banners. (NEW)
    Use our | Banner feature to create Twitter banners out of your room designs.
  • 🔠 Text elements. (NEW)
    Use our elegant text elements to tell your story better.
You can now curate a room for wallets you don't own. This means that any wallet can have an attractive custom room designed for it by any user. All the owner needs to do is claim the room from Shil!
The Curation workflow
The follow function enables you to keep track of valuable wallets to keep up to date with the latest alpha before twitter. This includes what that user prioritizes displaying in their room, what items they buy, and what items they sell.
Following and Updates!
As our platform evolves we’ll begin adding all sorts of exciting features. We’ll have an official store where you can pick up curated backgrounds from talented artists, along with a Shil genesis collection that changes as you interact with your room.
Basic Backgrounds!
For, “connecting” to the wallet only means that we copy over the user’s public address from their non-custodial (browser) wallet. Users then sign a message that says “I’m signing up to with my wallet 0x——————” with their MetaMask to verify they are who they are, and that’s it. No access to private addresses, seed phrases or assets — the only monkey business you’ll find on is BAYC.
Future Planning:
Going forward our priority is to listen to our community - that means you! What are you missing when you interact with your NFTs? What will you do with the NFTs you plan on keeping? How do you find buyers for NFTs you plan on minting? These are features we are committed to building at !
So, lets get started!
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